Threat identified in (advddischlp.dll)

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  1. Indyrod

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    My webroot virus program displayed a threat level virus advddischlp.dll located in the ANYDVD folder, and I attached the screen print. What is this and why does it cause an Adware detection????? Should I let Webroot delete it, or what should I do. I have never received this before.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    As usual, false positive. That's a perfectly legit AnyDVD file. Take control of your av, shut it up, and put an exclusion on the entire folder, or wait for an update.

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  3. Indyrod

    Indyrod Well-Known Member

    wait for an update to what? You know I'm a long time user, and never received this before. I did allow Webroot, and don't be putting it down, I never get a false positive, to skip it, but why is it showing up NOW?
  4. mmdavis

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    Never say never, you just did. You can:
    1) Wait for your antivirus to correct itself.
    2) Send the file they say is a problem to them so they can look at it and and update their program.
    3) Ignore it, and install it anyway.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    An update to your AV virus definitions that is no longer 'dangerous' or report it as a false positive. Such false positives are common on new releases that AV's don't yet know about. You're the second user in a matter of hours. You're lucky, the other person's av didn't even allow to download.

    There's nothing wrong with the file IF you downloaded from the RedFox site. There's a sticky for a reason in general chat.

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