Thoughts about the fair use policy

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Free Lancer, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Free Lancer

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    Basically I support the idea of a fair use policy and implementing counter measures against misusing that great application.

    From what I've read so far my understandig of the quota solution is that the application need to get each download approved by the RedFox server first.

    My concern about this procedure is what might happen if the RedFox server is not available or not reachable for some reasons.
    Will AnyStream work at all?

    On the one hand I would be totally satisfied with the number of download limits currently listed in the fair use policy.
    On the other hand I do not like the idea to depend on a 'control' server which might not be available when I need it.

    What about hardcoding that quota into the application itself without the need to access a 'control' server first?

    Why not just limiting the download speed to realtime and skip the quotas?

    All concerns about pirates, possible misuse and triggering alarms with the providers should then be null an void.
    At worst the user will present himself to his provider as a 24/7 tv show or film addict. ;)
  2. Octavean

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    Are we talking about the "Token Bucket" / 280 per week limit or something else,.....?

    For the trial, it makes perfect sense to impose some limits one would think. For the licensed version I don’t really see a need for it. Rather I think they should build in tools to allow the user to configure their own download policies in the AnyStream software but impose no restrictions by default. Conversely they could configure some common sense “suggested” limits by default and allow the user to reconfigure at their own risk.

    Adding support for a scheduler or a blackout hours option to simulate quasi normal real world use if need be could help too but again that should be optional. Perhaps a pop-up download counter (and audible chime alert) with suggestion not to exceed a specific count within a specific timeframe from a single streaming service,...

    So again, no I don’t think AnyStream (fully licensed) should have built in download limits or throttling but reasonable default settings as a template for fair use would be advisable.

    Inform users of the possible consequences of willful abuse but information and advice are good enough. Enforcing limits seems a bit too draconian IMO.

    Encoding some sort of watermark to discourage the use of AnyStream as a tool for piracy would be OK IMO. However, I think we all would prefer not to have to see it. So if there is a way to add data that isn’t visible in the recording that would be fine.