Thor - 2011 US DVD Rips fine but won't play

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    I have had success with MANY other DVDs for a number of years. All have worked fine.

    This DVD (and replacement media) always produce the same ripped resulting files, but these files don't play using Kodi (all others are fine), AND these files cause CloneDVDMobile to crash when I merely select the folder containing the ripped files. Interesting fact is that Microsoft's Windows 10 DVD Player (Version 10.17091.10381.0) will play the original DVD just fine, but Kodi displays the same non useful results playing the DVD and the Ripped content. What displays with Kodi is a green square that floats around the screen while continuously playing a video chunk that Kodi thinks is 40 seconds in duration. What displays using Microsoft Windows 10 DVD Player is the normal previews for other upcoming DVDs followed by the normal DVD menu with Play/Setup buttons and selecting Play shows the movie.

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    Not sure what to say here. None of us have had a Problem with that title. I'd look sideways at Kodi.
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    There may indeed be a problem with Kodi. Meanwhile, that title (or at least the ripped form) causes CloneDVDmobile to crash when you point it at the directory this title has been ripped into. Something about the data structures it contains is unexpected by both CloneDVDmobile and Kodi. Since the Microsoft DVD player can play it, some readers know how to handle the data correctly, just not the two I mentioned. I also posted this point in the CloneDVDmobile forum with a link back to this discussion (
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    We tend to use PowerDVD as the "standard" around these parts. Even old versions. I was on V 4.0 for years. Now on 10.0 for a few years. The DVD standard itself is unchanged for decades.
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