This is what a watermark DVD warning looks like

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by odd_function, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. odd_function

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    This is what a watermark DVD warning looks like see the screen shot below:

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  2. RedFox 1

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    Then why would you assume The other thread on " Iam Legend " was pirated disc. Maybe the member owned it and wanted to back it up, people do get titles before they are released and I seriously doubt a pirate would use this method of protection, anyone can post a screenshot of a watermarked disc, all disc have warning ( FBI and such") what is so special about this one.:confused:
  3. Charlie

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    That disc would have to be a really really really advanced copy as it was just released in theaters a few days ago?
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    A copy is a copy, watermarking to my knowledge has never been used on pirated discs. Its too expensive of a protection. That said, we do not know where the member got the copy of the disc so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, without making assumptions. I will open the other thread when the disc is released.:policeman:
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    Watermarking is used for tracking the disc (I could be wrong).:D
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    I have also read before that when a theater releases a movie, the dvd is most likely already sitting in a warehouse or being produced & sometimes those copies are "discovered" and used. Online copies of full dvds have been found 8+ weeks before the dvd release, so it's premade at some point.
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  8. rrose1968

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    I was researching watermarking earlier and found this on audio watermarking:

    I'm curious as to how that affects a backup, is the watermark removed during backup, etc...?
  9. lostinlodos

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    That's just a standard screener disc. I get discs like that for reviewing all the time.

    As for what SlyFox 1 said: actually watermarking the VIDEO is quite common on pirate discs, for the simple reason that it's NOT expensive (free) and quite easy to do. It takes less than an hour even on older systems. Any standard "advanced" video/disc editor can do it. Often what you see is a logo of the pirates' group name in the lower right or upper left corner.

    Older watermarked screener copies will have a scrolling bar show up on the top or bottom every 10-15 minutes telling you it's a screener, not for distribution......please call this number if you didn't pay/receive this disc from the company....

    Watermarking the DISC, like some Sony and Ti Film discs is expensive. And NOT found on pirate discs.
    On an aside; Those so-called Oscar et al discs are often watermarked on the media, as well as in the film.
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    I have a friend in NY that can get almost any movie (on the subway) the day it is released in the theater and sometimes before. :D
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    but is it a cam, or an actual dvd