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    I am still fairly new to dealing with UHDs. So I have redone the ones I have copied multiple times after tinkering and getting more things the way I want them. Because of this I always copy the disc with AnyDVD to hard drive then I use CloneBD on it to basically just shoehorn it into an MKV without any compression.

    When converting discs that are saved on my hard drive (which is your typical spinning disk) I would normally get somewhere around 100FPS. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower depending on what I was doing.

    One day I opened task manager and noticed the disk bandwidth was throttled at 100%. I figured this was due to using the same physical disk as the source and destination.

    So I changed the destination to another drive (in this case a NVME drive) and while I expected a good increase in performance I was shocked to find I was doing 300-500FPS.

    My point here is removing that 1 bottleneck increased performance up to 5x. I am sure if my source was another NVME drive it would increase again but that is not feasible in my case as my storage drive is a spinning disk.

    Just thought this little tidbit might help others dealing with these massive files.
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    Since you talk about converting with CloneBD, and AnyDVD doesn't convert this topic is in the wrong section. Moved to CloneBD