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    I’m coming from the good old days days where I could rent a movie on iTunes and run the downloaded file through Tuneskit to have a DRM free version to enjoy on any device. I’m thinking of purchasing this and now renting on Amazon but before I do just have a few questions.

    1. Does this work with all Amazon Video including rentals?

    2. To remove this invisible “watermark” I’m reading about can’t someone just run the file through Handbrake afterwards to remove it? I don’t plan to share my content with anyone online but just curious as this would be the obvious thing to do if it worked.

    3. How is this method better than say an HDMI capture card? Other than the obvious no 5.1 audio, embedded subtitles (which I don’t need), faster (unless you’re using real-time which the app says is recommended) and no need for trimming afterwards. I have a capture card that works amazing for Disney+ and HBO Max so trying to determine if it’s worth the cash to get 5.1 audio and whatever other benefits I may be missing.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You've got a fully capable trial version, the only difference is the number of downloads. What's stopping you from downloading that and trying it out?!
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    1 yes, but you need to read the title BEFORE you access it's page in AnyStream. So either through your normal browser or through AS and then temporarily navigate to a different title. Renting through AS and then immediately trying to download will not work. You'll need to reload the page.
    2 no, it's embedded hidden in the data stream, it's not something a video encoder like handbrake can remove
    3 AS is a direct downloader, not a recorder like capture cards

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    So if it’s embedded in the steam would it hurt sharing with a friend if neither of us shares online? The reason I ask is because I have a friend who has a duplicate of everything I have should my drive ever fail.

    Also, I’m assuming a capture wouldn’t have this data embedded as Windows Camera app is being used to record what’s being played.
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    And how are you going to guarantee your friend won't share it online, or share it with his friends who would share it online. You have no control over friends of your friends, but if YOUR download appears online and your friends' friends will share it online, they will be coming after YOU. Not your friends or their friends.

    If your friend wants the download,then have him but AnyStream too, that's the only way you can guarantee he'll have the video file too and they won't be coming after you if he shares it with his friends and they put it online. Then they'd be coming after him.

    And as I said, it's hidden meta watermark in the video file, what you use to download or capture is irrelevant. It'll be in the file either way.

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