Think again before downloading the new SP1 with Vista ...

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    I have downloaded it and now, and my computer WAS running like a rapped ape.. Like as if it just a had a boost of memory...

    Now a week later things are going down hill. My DVDCOPY2 (Version will not burn anything.. Thought it was the DVD burner.


    That is not the case, I have tried to use 3 diffrent burners now. I have this bad feeling, that these excuses of going to this NEW SP1 was a escape for the makers of this program so they could get the VISTA users off thier back.

    Well it has worked for me for a few days, but now I can not get rid of this BETA SP1 UPDATE There is no way of deleting this UPDATE with out formating the computer ! !

    Just wait until WINDOWS releases the FULL SP1 VERSION...
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  2. Charlie

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    And how's this an SP1 issue with CloneDVD2? I have no issues you speak of.
  3. kd5yov

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    Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool

    A blocking tool is available for organizations that would like to temporarily prevent installation of Windows Service Pack updates through Windows Update. This tool can be used with:

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 ( valid through March, 2008 )
    Windows XP Service Pack 3 ( valid for 12 months following general availability )
    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ( valid for 12 months following general availability )
    This toolkit contains three components. All of them function primarily to set or clear a specific registry key that is used to detect and block download of Windows Service Packs from Windows Update. You only need to use the component which best serves your organization’s computer management infrastructure.

    A Microsoft-signed executable
    A script
    An ADM template
    The executable creates a registry key on the computer on which it is run that blocks or unblocks (depending on the command-line option used) the delivery of a Windows Service Pack to that computer through Windows Update. The key used is: HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate.

    When the /B command line option is used, the key value name 'DoNotAllowSP' is created and its value set to 1. This value blocks delivery of a Service Pack to the computer through Automatic Update or Windows Update.

    When the /U command line option is used, the previously created registry value that temporarily blocked the delivery of a Windows Service Pack to the computer through Automatic Update or Windows Update is removed. If the value does not exist on the computer on which it is run, no action is taken.

    The script does the same thing as the executable, but allows you to specify the remote machine name on which to block or unblock delivery of Windows Service Packs.

    Note that the executable and script have been tested only as a command-line tool and not in conjunction with other systems management tools or remote execution mechanisms.

    The ADM template allows administrators to import group policy settings to block or unblock delivery of Windows Service Packs into their Group Policy environment. Administrators can then use Group Policy to centrally execute the action across systems in their environment.

    Please note that this toolkit will not prevent the installation of the service pack from CD/DVD, or from the stand-alone download package. This simply prevents the Windows Service Pack from being delivered over Windows Update.

    System Requirements
    Supported Operating Systems:

    Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    Microsoft Windows Vista
    Microsoft Windows XP

    Service Pack Blocker Tool

    Service Pack Blocker Tool Download
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  5. kd5yov

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  6. Webslinger

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    So you installed Windows SP1 RC, and everything was working fine--and now a week later you can't burn. I fail to see how the two events are related. Something happened in the interim.

    You can feel whatever you want, but if you're blaming me about posting that SP1 fixes issues with certain discs--the fact is, it does; and it's not an excuse at all. I have tested SP1 RC on Vista 64 bit ultimate with six different burners (sometimes more when I'm messing around with external drives). I had no issues burning on that system. I have since rolled back and removed Service Pack 1. I don't deny that Microsoft may have a buggy uninstaller (I didn't use it), but what you've written with respect to your burners just doesn't make any sense. It makes more sense to me that in two previous threads you still hadn't removed Incd filters from your system despite my telling you do so earlier (and you still even after another moderator told you to do the same thing)--and are still experiencing problems.

    You can't have something running perfectly fine for a week, and then proceed to blame what you installed a week ago when something fails later on. That is, the problem would have arisen immediately--not seven days later.
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    It makes more sense to me that in two previous threads you still hadn't removed Incd filters from your system despite my telling you do so earlier (and you still even after another moderator told you to do the same thing)--and are still experiencing problems.

    That would be a good idea to remove the Incd filters as I have had problems in the past with these filters.Once removed all was just dandy.
  8. Charlie

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    What I find comical is that the user posts and I quote "I have this bad feeling, that these excuses of going to this NEW SP1 was a escape for the makers of this program so they could get the VISTA users off thier back." When it was me not a maker of these fine products that tested the fact if you need SP1 to do a title. If anything let's get mad at Microsoft for their extremely buggy UDF system :agree: I find the whole post to be a bit rude and flaming to say the least. Not fully or crossing the line but right there on the border. The staff or moderators (not staff) did a favor and just stuck my posts on this for everyone to be able to march on copying their DVD's. I guess when I test something like this again and see a solution as I have found here that I need to post if you want to on a vista machine etc.....:confused:
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    That's why I hate Vista because it has to many rules and is buggy as hell.
  10. Webslinger

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    The UDF bug in Vista affects Anydvd ripper and Clonedvd. The bug doesn't affect all decrypters and rippers, but, unfortunately, it does affect Anydvd and Clonedvd.
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  11. poolshark2014

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    yes I know.
  12. Charlie

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    SP1 does fix that for those that wish to install it though at their own discretion.
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    For all of those user that have issues with Microsoft Service Pack 1 for Vista I suggest you contact MS Knowledge base for support. ;) I think this thread has accomplished the fact that its a MS problem, not a Slysoft problem.
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    1) SP1 final is available at most major computer centres now (as a vender disc) so try asking at your local shop if they can sell you a copy or make a backup copy for you (rather than waiting to download it, often for $5 or so at most). The RC versions all had major bugs. The final one fixed those.
    2) I use Nero INCD for my DVD RAM drive. Never had a problem.
    3) the UDF issues are very real, UPDATE!
    4) The final version of SP1 won't brick your Vista, like many of the RCs and various updates did over the past few months to some users

    You can remove the RC SP1s by logging in as the admin
    Name: Admin
    Password: Admin

    or logging in under safe mode. In the control, add remove programs tool, click windows components: then chose Service Pack 1, Service Pack, SP, or SPRC depending on the version. Found it over at the AMD64 forums a few months ago trying to change out my RC version.
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  15. Webslinger

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    Actually, you have had problems in the past with certain discs that may possibly be related to having incd installed--and incd is not required for dvd-ram drives (use a FAT file format). There's no need to be using a UDF file format.

    There are numerous (and I mean numerous) examples of where people uninstalled incd here, and their problems vanished. click, for yet one recent example. It's possible that only specific versions of Incd have been causing problems, but I haven't been keeping track. Regardless, it's quite evident that incd may cause conflicts with Anydvd. click and then click

    click and then click

    In fact, James also points out when people have incd installed: click
    When a developer of Anydvd is calling incd "scary stuff", then maybe it's time to pay attention.
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  16. Pelvis Popcan

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    I understand that you don't like InCD, but the fact remains that many people run it without issues. I have always had it running with AnyDVD on my WinXP SP2 system for years now, and I have never experienced a single issue with it.

    I've also observed many threads where when the person had InCD running, and after they were advised to take the InCD drive filter out, their issue remained.

    Again I understand that the way InCD is implemented is not liked by people who write or use other programs that also work via drive filters because they can interfere with each other. However, InCD does have its uses, and I don't think it's fair to call it "garbage." Many people might also say the same thing about AnyDVD, and they'd be wrong.

    It makes good sense to disable the InCD drive filter for troubleshooting purposes if there is a problem, but otherwise, given my own experience, I don't see the reason for leaving it disabled or deleting it completely.
  17. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I only dislike incd insofar as I don't like packet writing software. It's not as though I am singling out incd; I dislike packet writing software.

    I do not deny that with some system configurations and specific versions of Incd, you may not experience issues. I also believe packet writing software may affect reading certain protections on certain discs more than others.

    Removing incd isn't going to fix a bad original disc nor will it fix using junk blank media. In the incidents I just listed Incd was the problem.

    Yes, but that's not the only reason I don't like packet writing software.

    I honestly can't see a situation where I'd require packet writing software. Also, for the sake of compatibility and transferring discs between computers (despite claims from these packet writing developers that the discs can be used in all computers without issue, they are, frankly, wrong), I highly advise against using packet writing software. I've just seen too many horror stories from people who insist on using it. I've also witnessed people suddenly discovering their files on their discs are corrupt as a result of using packet writing software. So, we'll have to agree to disagree on this topic.

    We'll have to agree to disagree (but I'm not just targeting Incd; I can't stand DLA, Directcd, Instantburn, and packet writing software in general)

    They'd be wrong, yes (also Anydvd can be disabled rather easily, unlike some packet writing software).

    I do agree with you here: if you're not having problems then there's not much to worry about. I do not discount that you and others may not have had issues with Incd.

    However, kd5yov is having problems and has been having problems over the course of three different threads. During that time kd6yov has not uninstalled Incd. Consequently, it would be a good idea to see if Incd is causing problems, especially since I, another moderator, and James (and a number of users who uninstalled Incd to discover their problems disappeared) do know Incd can cause conflicts with Anydvd (and Clonedvd for that matter).
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  18. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    ... and this brings up an issue. kd5yov isn't alone in doing is an example of what people do do. With a lot of people it's like pulling teeth to get them to post a log file. Once they have recommendations can be made if a problem is seen. In kd5yov's case with The Brave One, myself and others saw InCD was installed and recommended that it be removed. Was it? We don't know. kd5yov never bothered to reply back again in that thread about that disc. That doesn't help anyone. Did their problem get resolved? Is it still a problem? No one knows. Frankly this irritates the heck out of me. The thread about The Brave One is here:

    Now, after that kd5yov goes and says:

  19. Webslinger

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    You can go back a month even before that and note that kd5yov had Incd installed when kd5yov had problems with The Kingdom.

    kd5yov didn't do anything that I requested (much less provide the information I requested). Consequently, I didn't bother posting in The Brave One thread (that came about almost a month later).
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  20. Charlie

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    Honestly if you follow most members advice or even the mods you'll get a backup made easily. It is the users choice asking for help to provide info asked and to do as asked if a user fails to do so or decides that they are not going to do as requested that is your choice but be prepared to be asked the same again if you encounter another DVD issue. Another words it is stupid to ignore advice given then continue to badger or ask for help.