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  1. Kacer

    Kacer New Member

    Cannot be ripped. Stoppt reading after 18%

    Disk is from EU - Germany

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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Disc and or drive dirty or kaputt.
  3. Kacer

    Kacer New Member

    No all fine in BD Player, Drive is working allready

    Same Problem with MakeMKV, FABDVD or ClownBD
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  4. Fahzuu

    Fahzuu Well-Known Member

    I have that exact same disc, copies fine.
    Your read errors may be in movie material (playlists/clips), you didn't watch on the BD player.
  5. RBBrittain

    RBBrittain Well-Known Member

    Or it could have been a read error the BD player was able to ignore; rippers generally can't. James is correct.