The Witch, USA

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  1. Mizu_Ger

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    The blu-ray in the UHD package of The Witch is not showing the correct playlist. I've attached the log.

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  2. Pete

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    See if it does now.
  3. Mizu_Ger

    Mizu_Ger Well-Known Member

    Yep, working now. Thanks
  4. Krawk

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    Never ceases to amaze me at how much Lionsgate spends on making new masters. That is a huge reason for reduced profitability, and why they are hesitant on fully supporting physical media. Other companies make a new version, be it a 4K combo or a SteelBook, Digipak etc, and they will simply pack in existing discs produced from the last batch. But not Lionsgate, they apparently never use previous discs, do they shred them?