The West Wing: Season 2: Disc 4

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    Need Help.

    For the past three weeks I have tried to copy this disc. Apparently this is the only disc from the first three seasons that cannot be copied. I have tried on my home computer (Compaq) three times and my work computer (Dell) twice.

    I have version AnyDVD v. and CloneDVD2 v. on my home computer. Slightly older versions of both on my work computer. All three discs stopped during the copy process at exactly the same point on both computers. I also tried to copy all three discs using Nero 7 Essentials software. CloneDVD2 always stops at the 69% point, Nero at the 70% point (unreadable sector).

    Error message: "E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_5 VOB:read error
    Data error(cyclic redundancy check)"

    I appreciate any help and suggestions.

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    Sometime discs can be read but not backedup, if they have minor scratches from being misused it will cause CRC errors. Try another disc and let us know.
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    I had no issue copying the originals of which I own.
    It looks like you don't own the disks.
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    West Wing Season 2, Disc 4

    I am having the same problem copying this particular disc. All others from this season copy fine.

    My error message is the same as the first person in this thread.

    Any suggestions?

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    Yes, create your own thread and provide the logfile thats needed as per the stickies