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Jan 28, 2007
no matter what i do i cannot get rid of the commentary when i use any dvd and clone i tried shutting of the commentary with the remote but when i put it in computer to burn i still get commentary also tried the other choice of movie listed still got commentary tried shutting of audio and received no audio at all help i have wasted 8 disc trying to get rid of commentary also another movie conversations with other women does the same thing
On your DVD remote do you have a button labled "Channel" if so, switch it to "AUDIO1", this will play only the movie audio and not the commentary.
In clonedvd just use the "Copy DVD Titles" option. You get movie only selected by default - Usually its the AC3/6. Audio stream. Directors commentaries is an AC3/2 stream normally. Make sure the AC3/2 is deselected before copying