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  1. Lennon

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    Works great, thanks!
  2. c0mm1sh

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    I already ripped my Redbox rental BluRay of The Wall with an earlier release of AnyDVD and it comes up with Playlist 0000 which I know is not right. I tried mounting the rip and re-ripping it with the latest beta of AnyDVD and it still pops up Playlist 0000. You say the playlist is already mentioned for this title, but I do not see where. Do you have to open a logfile and find it there? All I see is lots of Playlist gobbledy-goop. So, without telling me I'm stupid or doing something wrong, can anyone suggest a nice Playlist for me to try out?
  3. Adbear

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    You have to use the original disc to get the correct playlist. Once ripped the information is changed which is why it doesn't work with decrypted discs
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    It matter which version you ripped with. Playlist support comes from the OPD. If the opd didnt have support for your version prior to you ripping it then the damage is done. Only a logfile from the ORIGINAL disc or protected iso can help you then. Playlists are always mentioned in the status window
  5. Pete

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    Can you please state what "it" is?
    AnyDVD is obviously not "it", as you're saying you don't see a mention of a playlist ;)

    Also, please post a log file.