The Very Best UHD Drive for AnyDVD

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  1. JohnnySH

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    Hi guys

    I own AnyDVDHD and prefer to use it over MakeMKV although its another fine product

    I have been limping along with an old LG ihos104 drive, which has allowed me to archive and backup many of my DVDs and Blu Rays

    But would now like to invest in a new UHD drive that is fully compatible with AnyDVD, I guess the best drive at this moment in time.

    I appreciate many of the drives need to be firmware updated

    Would appreciate any info and knowledge on the best drives at this moment in time and what should be the best choice

    Thank you in advance

  2. coopervid

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  3. JohnnySH

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    Thank you for the info, wow this is not as simple as just buying a drive
  4. coopervid

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    Right. But if you follow the guide and have all the downloads it's just a matter of seconds.
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  5. JohnnySH

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    Thank you

    very much appreciated and I have supported anydvd, clonecd

    since way back
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