The Spy Who Dumped Me -USA, main movie title not showing

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    Clone DVD version is

    Hello, running latest version of anydvd, but the main title @ 1hr 57 min does not even show up in Clone DVD??

    How do I create a log?

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    WOW, so weird.

    On my newer Pioneer BD209 writer, ConeDVD can't see the main movie title. Even when I play on VLC media player, the main movie will not play.

    BUT, when I put the disc into my much older (year 2009) DVD writer, the main movie title shows up?? I'm backing up right now. Hopefully it goes all the way thru.
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    Ok , Update, it stopped. "Data error". I did clean the disc so I'm not sure if its a copy protection or just a bad disc.

    Stopped at 71%. I included an attached screen shot.

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    Ok, update again. IT WORKED!!!
    FUlly backed up. I took out the disc and cleaned it again! I'm so sorry for wasting everyones time!
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    Also set your region on your new Pioneer
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