The Simpsons Movie Freezes - Audio Restarts when Copying Title Only

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by RONMAN101, Jan 30, 2008.

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    This is the First Movie I ever had a problem with.

    CONEDVD2: When use the option, Copy Title Only, Using ANY and DVDClone, it freezes at the Church scene when the Rev raises his hand- 5-6 minutes in, but the audio continues on, playing from the beginning of the movie. When it audio catches up to the frozen scene, the movie continues to play on perfectly. There is one more time later on, it happens again - I can't remember.

    I ran this though DVD Shrinker (Reauthor) for a Movie only version, and I get the same results. Would this be a Clone issue or a ANYDVD Issue? I don't see any Major protection on the Disk, don't think it is my DVD's, I am on my 3rd copy Plus and Minus. Do I need to send a log?

    I use Verbatim only (Verbatim Rules!). SONY DVD RW DRU-840A SS00 JUN25 ,2007.

    One other note: I use ConeCD to copy the full movie, Dual layer. Movie plays great, not one problem.

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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    There are two long titles on this disc. By default when you use Copy DVD Titles it automatically selects the longer title as being the movie. In the case of this disc Title 2 is longer but it's not the title you want. Redo the backup and select Title 1 instead.

    The reason the CloneCD version worked is because it had the right title on it. :)
  3. RONMAN101

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    It works! It works! Perfect Copy!

    Thanks a bunch. I'm assuming from now on that I take the smaller title, or title #1 if both are equal:rock::rock::rock:
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    It's probably best to try playing them back first on your computer to see which one you should choose instead of always assuming the shorter one is the one that you want.
  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    No, you can't make the assumption or you'll be wrong at one point or another. ;) You should just experiment by viewing backups from your HDD before burning them.

    One thing to note is that on many of these newer movies that if you leave both long titles it really doesn't have an impact on the quality. So, I normally just leave both titles and it's just a lot easier to deal with in the end. This, of course, excludes movies where you may have both a widescreen and fullscreen release or a movie that has a theatrical and unrated release on the same disc. In those cases removing one version definitely impacts the quality size of the backup.