The Secret of the Blu-Ray-Region Codes

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    I would like the know more about the structure of Blu-ray Region codes.

    Here is what I found about DVD-Region codes:

    In usual DVDs (not RCE), the Region code is stored in the file "VIDEO_TS.IFO" (table "VMGM_MAT"), byte offset 35 decimal (23 hex).

    A "real" region free (for "pseudo-region-free," see below) or an RCE-protected DVD has the value 0 /00.

    Here are the values of the Regions (decimal / hexadecimal) :

    "Pseudo-region-free" (Regions 1-6 are supported, but Region 7 and / or Region 8 are not):

    R1-R6: 192 / C0 R1-R7: 128 / 80 R1-R6 + R8: 64 / 40


    R1: 254 / FE R2: 253 / FD R3: 251 / FB R4: 247 / F7
    R5: 239 / EF R6: 223 / DF R7: 191 / BF R8: 127 / 7F

    DVDs made for more than one Region have other values, e.g. a DVD for Regions 1 and 4 has 246 / F6, one for 2 and 4 has 245 / F5, one for 2 and 5 has 237 / ED.

    The RCE protection can be hidden in all .IFO files.
    It is in one or several PGC's as PRE-command.
    One must search in the Title-PGC's and Menu-PGC's of the .IFO files the command

    'Set GPreg<n> mov <Player Region Code>'

    and replace the expression <Player Region Code> by the number of the Region for which the DVD is made, e.g. for a DVD for Region 1, the modified command would be:

    'Set GPreg<n> mov <1>'

    Sometimes additional modifications are necessary.

    But where and how are Blu-ray-Region codes saved, and what are the values? Perhaps SuperGoof or someone else could explain it to us.

    Thank you very much in advance and many greetings, :)

    A Pal