The Sand Pebbles

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    New Protection Scheme?

    Tried to back up "The Sand Pebbles". Back up freezes at about the same spot on every disk,about 25 minutes into the movie. Have tried three times including once with DVD Decrypter. No luck/no joy. Any help? I've attached the .IFO files in .zip form.

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    @ kc8led,

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    Suggest reviewing the below Forum sticky concerning freezing playback of backups ->

    If your intensions of posting the .IFO files in your above posting was to send the information to SlySoft for analyst suggest reviewing the below Forum posting for detailed information on how to correctly send .IFO file to SlySoft. Posting this information in the SlySoft Forum is not the correct manner to get the inform to SlySoft Technical Support Staff ->

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    Thanks Coaster. I'll send to Slysoft.