The "real" CloneBD?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Old Bear, Dec 19, 2014.

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    I almost got burned by this! I vaguely remembered that Slyce was going to be released as "CloneBD" so I did a quick search last week. My search engine found CloneBD, so yay! So I downloaded the trial, all excited and fired it up, ready for some Blu-ray burning! What? This thing SUCKS! I just don't get the interface, no detailed instructions on how to use it, no forum, and no response when I fill out a Contact. Certainly glad I didn't actually PAY for it, I would have been pissed!

    The lack of response is what made me suspicious, as with both AnyDVD and Clone DVD, I always got rapid responses to questions. That curiosity led me to here, thankfully, so now I have the "other" CloneBD. While I'm not quite up and running yet, THIS is what I was expecting! Everyone may already know about these two programs with the same name, but I suggest at least making a sticky for new folks to quickly learn they are not the same product!
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    Yes we are aware of the names, but the other program has nothing to do with Elby or Slysoft. I am sorry you had an issue, but its okay now right. I hope so. Thank you
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    Some more confusion:
    They offer even a CloneDVD Ultimate. Cool.
    ... and a "CloneBD 7". Tssss....

    (Sorry SlyFox 1, didn't wanna make any advertising for them) 8)
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    Its fine, we have to make the members aware that these crapware sites have nothing to do with Slysoft or Elby. LOL