The Queen Region 2

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    Has Anyone Had Trouble With The Queen Region2 It Copies Ok But The Copies Don't Play Properley They Are Blocky And The Streaming Seems Out Of Time Hard To Explain Very Odd...
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    Possibly media, drive and or firmware. We need a list of hardware, media and firmware revision.
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    Not a media problem I think, I also just backed up this movie and the backup is undersized at 2.02gb. This is with DVD5 selected as the destination media size in CloneDVD and backed up to hard disc as files.


    Seems to be a CloneDVD problem, backed up this title again through anydvd but using dvd2one as the transcoder and got a normal sized rip. As a double check also re-ran with CloneDVD as the transcoder and got the the same undersided output
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    I strongly suspect you selected the wrong title in Clonedvd. What version of Clonedvd were you using? Regardless, I'd be interested to see your status screen from Anydvd.

    Please do step 8 from

    Please note the OP is in region 2. Are you in region 2 as well?
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    That seems small these days.
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    Ok, this was a full backup, ALL titles selected, anydvd reports the following:

    As far as anydvd is concerned there are no extra protections on the disc.
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    You were using Clonedvd2

    If you could send the ifos into Slysoft and Elby, I would appreciate it. Thank you

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    I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD, ifos and details sent to above address
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    Thank you very much. :clap:
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    Oh, if you could also send the zip to support(at) (replace (at) with @), I would appreciate it as well. Please mention it doesn't work with Clonedvd2 and link to this thread here, please. Thank you
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    I am also usind the latest AnyDVD HD and the latest CloneDVD2....but had the same problem, it appeared to back up the entire movie, but when finished the files were only 2.28Gb. Way over compressed and blocky. DVD Shrink solved it for me.
    Now if I could just figure out why CloneDVD2 doesn't like the R1 Platinum version of Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs, my day would be complete! AARRGHH!
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    Sure sounds like an issue with Clonedvd to me.
    (Give me step 8 and 9 please)
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    Just got a reply from support (so I don't think I need to send them the files, they've got them already) They seem to have missed the point... in my report I mentioned that as a full backup the quality gauge was 55% (I know, a bit low) but the movie itself is encoded at a very high bitrate (just under 8gig for a 1h 40m movie) and transcodes really well (in dvd2one), anyway, reply came back that of course the movie will be blocky at 55%, totally missing the fact that it's a very blocky 2.02gig image, that's all files, a blocky 4.36gig image I can understand. Replied again to point this out.
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    Thank you very much.
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    just tried it myself (anydvd 6130 and clonedvd 2903) region 2 (uk) and it transcoded to 4.35gb (menus plus main title, no extras/subtitles) doesn't look blocky or anything.

    some of the scenes about princess di are screen captures from tv news or home videos, so will be blocky, but the "normal" film is fine for me.

    oh, i think movie came to 55% quality, then to 68% or something when i removed some audio, still a bit low....
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    :doh: *sigh*

    O.k., so the problem lies then in choosing a full disc backup. I would actually expect that level of compression to be normal (under 3 gigs for the main movie), because chances are half the original disc might be full of extras.

    My bad. There's no point bothering Elby and Slysoft about this then. I was under the impression Dex66 and diddly had produced a full disc rip--and the entire iso or rip was less than 3 gigs (not just the main movie--but the main movie plus all the extras/menus/etc). Dex66 and diddly, if you remove all the extras within Clonedvd before you rip, the main movie will look much better.

    As for the mcfly1967, if you compressed the entire disc including all the extras to a single layer backup, then chances are it will be blocky due to the amount of compression. And if you didn't, then my original response in this thread stands.

    You can also, in Clonedvd2, retain the main menus and split across two single layer discs if you don't want any compression at all (Shrink can't retain menus while splitting). Or you can use a double layer disc to avoid any compression.
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    I am fully aware that a disc with loads of extras and a main movie that only takes up around half the original disc is going to compress poorly with all the extras intact... but it should be a poor quality 4.36gig backup!!!

    It WAS a full disc rip and the ENTIRE iso was 2.02gig, the main movie was just over 1gig and the extras the rest, in fact on checking, VTS_05_1.VOB is hardly being compressed at all. The disc is also not crammed with extras, there's a making of and a couple of trailers, the issue seems to be main movie with menus is ok, add the extras and it gets all confused and under-sizes the whole thing.

    Ok, calmed down a bit, appologies for being a bit shirty Just tried again:

    1. Full Disc, only thing removed 2ch audio from main movie = 2.02gig ISO

    2. Movie and menu only, 2ch audio and all extras removed = 4.35gig ISO

    Some screen captures to help

    Original DVD structure

    1. Full Backup (undersized **note VTS_05_1.VOB**)

    2. Movie & Menu Only (ok)
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    Excellent post! Thank you. My apologies if I offended you. Rather odd bug . . .

    I am going to forward your post to someone. Thank you very much.
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    Just wanted to update . . .

    Someone is looking into this issue, but it may take him some time before he receives the dvd from Amazon UK.