The Prestige Blu-Ray Issues

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  1. va_taper

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    Don't know if anyon else is having this problem but:

    I've sucessfully decrypted The Prestige with AnyDVDHD, playback is another matter.

    It seems the intro material and scene just prior to the main movie are MPEG-2 while the movie itself is MPEG-4 AVC. PowerDVD has some serious problems switching between mpeg-2 and -4 in the same disc.

    I was able to playback the decrypted m2ts in Nero (with stuttering), MPC (perfect), PowerDVD (perfect); but cannot get the disc to work properly.

    Is this just another case of Cyberlink charging for beta thinks so.

    peace, chris
  2. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    I successfully ripped the movie and I checked that it works (but directly to a scene – if I remember correctly).

    I will check the ‘’transition’ problem you mention later this evening.
  3. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    I tested it again last evening and it works fine. No problem such the one you mention.
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  4. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    Actually there is a problem with this movie:
    Playback stops some mins before chapter 18.
    Image and sound freeze while PowerDVD counter continues normally.
    Cannot see aything beyond chapter 18.
    Tested with AnyDVD 6129/6130 - PowerDVD 7.2/7.3.
  5. guile

    guile Well-Known Member

    Just tried it and exactly what you say has happened. It plays fine up until that chapter.

  6. oliver27

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    I have the same problem, when I disable blu ray support in any dvd hd the movie plays fine till the end, it's the same thing with Flyboys. I think it's a problem with dual layer BD.

    The third BD 50 I have (The Guardian) doesn't have this problem.
  7. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    I verified that the problem is indeed AnyDVD and not for example PowerDVD.

    Since I own a Region B Blu Ray drive and The Prestige is Region A, disabling ‘Blu Ray Support’ from AnyDVD causes PowerDVD to stop.

    But by only disabling the ‘Region Code’ option in AnyDVD (and not the one above for ‘total’ Blu Ray support) PowerDVD can be fooled and continue playing the movie (even with different regions in the movie – drive – powerdvd). Some times you get a PowerDVD crash and have to restart PowerDVD (after disabling the ‘Region Code’ option in AnyDVD) but strangely PowerDVD plays normally the disc even if it is a different region than the drive / power DVD (and with ‘Region Code’ option in AnyDVD now disabled)!

    I also suspected the BD50 disc (switching layers) but the problem isn’t there in a couple more BD50 discs I checked.

    Time for AnyDVD 6131 :)
  8. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    I just verified that, as mentioned in the thread, by disabling Blu Ray support in AnyDVD it works. But this only if using the original disc.

    The Rip (even using 6130) will not work either with the above mentioned 'trick'.

    I suppose that the problem relies in AnyDVD and that affects the rip.

    I suppose that if I rip it with backupbluray and use AnyDVD justo to avoid Region Error it will work.

    I will check this and revert.
  9. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

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  10. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    I verified that by using backupbluray everything works fine with the rip.

    So I am now 100% sure that the problem is the AnyDVD ripper.