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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by dbG33K, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. dbG33K

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    I purchased DeUHD and made a rip of The Patriot (2000) on UHD, creating a full ISO backup. However, when I try and create an MKV file of the movie, CloneBD errors and aborts within moments of beginning. I thought maybe it was a bad rip, so I cleaned the disc with a soft cloth, and tried making a second ISO. Still no dice.

    I'll include the error log file here.

    Hopefully y'all can help me understand what's going wrong here.


    - dbG33K

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  2. Pete

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    The problem appears to be, that at least part of the source was not entirely decrypted. At least some of the copy protection markers are still intact - or even invalid, it seems.
  3. dbG33K

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    Hmm... That is supremely frustrating. DeUHD was not cheap, and it isn't actually fully decrypting the disc? :( Ugh.

    After ripping the disc with DeUHD again, this time using "Rip to Hard Disk," I can navigate to the m2ts file containing the full movie. That's running through MakeMKV right now, but if it runs fully through, I'm pretty sure the resulting MKV will still show as super pale (due to no HDR to SDR tonemapping).

    Is there a way I can run the MKV (or even the original m2ts) through CloneBD just to convert the colors to proper SDR? Or perhaps some other program out there that can do it?

  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Have you tried to use CloneBD directly on the source disc? DeUHD claims to be a real-time decrypter like AnyDVD.
  5. dbG33K

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    Just tried this. CloneBD seemed able to run this way, but I quickly got a pop-up error "Data corrupt error at sector xxxxxxx" While this didn't result in the process quitting, the preview did show significant artifacting. I aborted and viewed the resulting MKV and that artifacting was also in the end file. I'll attach the log.

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  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Okay then. Conclusion: DeUHD sucks. I suggest to file a bug report with them.
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  7. dbG33K

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    SIGH. Okay, I just sent them this message: "DeUHD is not fully decrypting the Patriot (2000) UHD disc. When I use DeUHD to create an ISO or Write to Hard Disk, the resulting files do not fully decrypt properly and cannot be used with other programs for converting to MKV without errors, due to the files still being encrypted, or having been decrypted with errors / file corruption."

    Hopefully they get back to me, or put out an update or something... Thanks for your help.
  8. mfast

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    Strangely, you can find on the web perfect 1:1 rip and mkv derivate from it of this disk and if deuhd is the only manner to rip it ...