The other guys have copied Anystream and....

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Krawk, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. Krawk

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    Just got an email from the monkey brand (think China) and they claim to download Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and HBO.
    I hope Redfox can support these relatively soon, Redfox is an overall better brand to deal with :)

    They claim Netflix and Disney+ are current providers but will be adding the others very soon.
  2. DannyBoi

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    i can confirm it "downloads from disney+ in 1080p" although you have to play the video in order to "download" it so yer the "downloaded" videos download in 1080p with aac audio only and the video quality is about 30mbps for trailer of The Right Stuff so yer make whatever you can from that, doesnt make sence why the whole video needs to be played in order to download it but atleast its possible :) come on Redfox please hurry up and add 1080p for Disney+, Hulu & britbox uk to your New Updates with DDP5.1 Audio for both thanks :)
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    'press play to download'

    That's the very definition of yet another screen recorder. I'll pass.

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  4. DannyBoi

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    u need to press play, select the video files to download them, its like click the file u want downloading but in this tool u need to select the video quality aka all of the files that show up because it dont say sd, 720p, 1080p so selecting them all will download 1080p, u can pause the video once u select the file u want downloading (from the pop up menu)
  5. SamuriHL

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  6. James

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    No, fortunately they did not. They copied some "screen grabber" program.
  7. SynapseDon

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    Yep. It's currently garbage. I went ahead and downloaded the program and loaded up Disney+ via this program to try and download THE MANDALORIAN episode 1. Left the window open as it recorded and, when it got near the end, it cut off the remaining credits because (much like any 'screen recording' program) it records what's in the browser. As soon as the Disney+ interface came back up that said something like "Next episode starts in 10 seconds" as the credits were continuing to play, the recording stopped and truncated the file before all of the credits were over. I know some people wouldn't care about the end credits being truncated, but I do, so this 'alternate' program to AnyStream is a no go for me.
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  8. One of the things I have most enjoyed about AnyStream is that it grabs the entire stream. One show I have enjoyed (Trial & Error Season 2) sometimes has jokes so late in the credits that they get cut by the "auto-play" on Amazon. Using AnyStream, I get to see the *complete* program! Fan-freaking-tastic!!
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