The Night Strangler

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    Movie: The Night Strangler
    UPC: 738329230289

    What I do is use a conversion tool to convert movies to .mp4. No problems (thousands of files) until this disc. And another from the same company. It seems to trick the conversion program into thinking it copied the file but it in fact creats a tiny file (attached) with no video. I get no errors. Everything seems to act like it's working, but it doesn't.

    I can actually rip the disc to .iso format. No errrors. I tried the mp4 conversion on the .iso file, and have the same issue. Same with ripping the entire file structure to my hard drive.

    I've attached the log file.


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  2. James

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    You could try CloneBD to convert to mp4 or mkv.
  3. webheadjeff

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    I could...I seems to work.

    Now just waiting for the license code so I don't get that watermark.

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  4. Pete

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    If you bought it, you should get the license immediately by e-mail.
    If not, the e-mail got stuck or swallowed by a spam filter.
  5. webheadjeff

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    It took a couple of minutes... ;)

    Got it now. All good! Copying as we speak.

    I lterally posted that right after purchasing.
  6. webheadjeff

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    I spoke too soon. I get the video converted. However, I can't get any audio while using CloneBD. I'll post a message there...