The Night Stalker

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    Posted a previous problem with AnyDVD about 2 discs. Suggested I try CloneBD. Part of the problem went away.

    Other post:

    Trying the other disc....

    Title: The Night Stalker
    UPC: 738329230265

    Video converts and I get a full sized file. In one player (Windows 10 Movies & TV) I get video but no audio. In another player (Jriver Media Center), I get a black screen and it won't play. I've tried changing settings (audio languages, codecs, channels, etc.) but same problems.

    CloneBD will play the disc from the drive..with sound.

    Hope this is enough info...

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    Yes, that's one of those crappy cheaply authored discs with faulty intros.
    The first 10 seconds are some studio logo, I assume - there's no audio in there. Not silence - really none at all.
    MP4 requires audio throughout the video.

    Two solutions:
    1. use the current beta version, it should handle this automatically:
    2. clip away the first seconds before converting (run CloneBD's preview player and when passing the 10 second mark, press the left scissor tool)
  3. webheadjeff

    webheadjeff Member're right. A logo is the first thing seen.

    I'll try the beta version first. Thanks!