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  1. Mark Seilstad

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    I am trying to rip the movie "2012" but no matter what I have tried it doesn't seem to pick up the main movie. It does get all the previews though. I can play the disc fine on my media system DVD player. I typically use Handbrake/AnyDVD to rip my movies but I have tried DVDDecrypter and RipIt4Me as well. Nothing seems to work. When I disable AnyDvd I am able to play the movie on my computer as well but not with AnyDVD enabled, it just seems to play the un-encrypted content.I am not getting any error messages displayed. AnyDVD just seems to be silently eliminating the main movie. I did try to rip the DVD to the hard disk and rip to image options on the AnyDVD task bar popup but I had the same problem with both.

    I am attaching the ziplog file generated from AnyDVD.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That disc has multiple sections with read errors, combining that with the fact that this is a very old title. 99.99% sure this is a defective disc, protection issue: just about no chance at all.

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    Granted, given the age of the title, I don't remember, but I don't recall it had structural protection. While your 2012 may not be the exact same disc I had, mine, R1 initial release, processed fine.
  4. Mark Seilstad

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    There are some scratches on the disk but i figured that if it would play on my media DVD player then my PC ripper DVD player should be able to process it. I guess that's not how it works. I just tried MakeMKV and it reported a bunch of errors. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    That's not how things work. Playing a DVD isn't the same as ripping. When you play one you usually skip the trailer crap if you can, and many just watch the movie and not the bonus stuff if any. Now, what if the problematic areas are a trailer or the bonus menus? Right, you don't get to see/notice them, because you don't access them.

    A standalone player can also skip problematic areas resulting in that jerky behavior and skipping scenes, a PC drive can't do that during ripping. It's everything or nothing.

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