The Messengers wont decode

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  1. ruavolsfan2

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    You can backup the Movie The Messengers but you put it in and watch it and the whole screen looks like little blocks. you can still watch the movie but it is annoying. Sony has found something new.
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    Are you using CloneDVD2 to Rip / Compress ?
    If you simply - Deselect the Previews / warnings / etc .
    - The rest of the Disc ( Movie ; Extras ) will back up fine

    There are several threads about this already

    Search Keyword = Messengers

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  3. stormies

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    If I remember, Messengers is only CSS protected (in REG 1), I bought the original and made a backup copy using anydvd and dvdshrink to fit on a 4.7 gigs dvd.
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