The Last Time Widescreen Fullscreen Selection error

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Kallasways, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Was trying to back up The Last Time however clonedvd seems to have a problem bringing up the selection icon when choosing between Widescreen or Fullscreen thus you do not know which one you are selecting, backed up the same movie with 1click pro and I get the color box around widescreen or fullscreen. Thank you
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    1. Please provide the Anydvd status screen for this film. click (step 8 ).

    2. You are choosing to preserve the main menu in Clonedvd, right?

    3. I'm 99% sure this method will work: click

    4. Contact Elaborate Bytes, the official developer of Clonedvd, with specific region and disc details:
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    Errr . . . 1-Click can copy extras (pc files) in addition to the video title sets, right? Clonedvd doesn't. Clonecd will copy everything, of course, which is why I believe it will work for this disc.

    The weird thing is that I don't see how a menu selection window/cursor would be listed somewhere in pc files--much less why anyone would bother attempting something like that.

    Hmm . . .

    Well, unless Anydvd is blocking something for Clonedvd that it's not blocking with Clonecd, I think this is a Clonedvd bug.

    Sorry, just rambling. Yeah, I would contact Elaborate Bytes and ask.
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    Ok Thanks Webslinger, I had the same exact issue awhile back with the movie Sistas N The City was not sure at the time what was going on however I do believe you are right as far as clonedvd being the problem.