The Last Ship (Season 2) rip error

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  1. Jaxxx

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    Hi, First time poster here, just running into a problem using ANYDVD to create an ISO of “The Last Ship Season 2”. These are USA discs region __ and all 3 of the discs have similar errors but I figured I should start with disc 1.

    When I start to rip the image it hangs at 0% processed for about 3 minutes and then it pops up with the following:

    Error reading from drive Q:! Read Error Sectors: 22800-22829

    I created a logfile which I can attach. Really wish I understood this process better so I could be of more help and apologies in advance if I’m leaving out a critical piece of info. Any help is appreciated :)

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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Looks to me like a defective / dirty disc or dying drive.
  3. Jaxxx

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    huh... alrighty, I think since all 3 discs of season 2 arent working and i dont see visual scratches I could see it being a read error with the drive. The ASUS blu Ray drive is maybe a year old so I wouldn't expect its going bad, plus it works fine on other discs but maybe its something with this drive on these specific discs. I'll give it a try on another computer to see if there's a different result with another drive. If memory serves I had this same issue with Season 1 several months ago but didn't post anything. I appreciate you taking a look at the software side and i'll let ya know if i have any different results, Thank you.
  4. mmdavis

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    Try cleaning the discs real well. There could be a film on the bottom that you don't see.
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