The Incredibles 2 "corrupt disc"

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  1. 30jln57

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    Has anybody else been successful in ripping The Incredibles 2 bluray US version?
    I'm using I'm getting a message with CloneBD that the source data is corrupt and read errors.
    This is a brand new disc out of the box. I have cleaned and inspected the disc and see no physical issues.
    It plays fine in my home bluray player, but fails on my PC.

    If anyone else has been successful in ripping it, then perhaps I do have a bad disc and need to exchange it. But I'm wondering if this is a new "encryption" scheme.

    I saw the other thread on this same subject after posting this.
    This is a brand new, store purchased disc.
    So I'm adding my "me too" to the read errors issue.
  2. SamuriHL

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    It's not a new encryption scheme. I've ripped both the blu-ray and UHD just fine.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Other than some usually Japanese on-demand discs, blu-ray doesn't have a protection mechanism that stimulates read errors as a copy protection. Any time you have read errors it's almost ALWAYS a dirty or defective discs. Just because it's new or plays fine, doesn't mean it's fine for ripping.

    If you just play the main title, and don't watch the bonus features, your player may not even access the problematic area. A drive can't do that, it needs to rip everything or nothing at all. The human eye also can't see microscopic defects, a drive laser can.

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  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Your disc and / or drive is dirty and / or defective.
    But you still can post an AnyDVD logfile, if you like.
  5. rdgrimes

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    On average, I see about 15-20% failure rates in UHD ripping due to read errors. Your best bet is to clean the disc thoroughly and try again, then return it as defective if it doesn't rip. A few titles I've had to try 2-3 different discs to get one that would rip. All this is part of UHD discs, they are often out of spec and PC drives are very unforgiving.
  6. mbarnstijn

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    @rdgrimes, the OP specifically says it's a Blu-ray they're having trouble reading.
  7. 30jln57

    30jln57 Member

    Turns out it was in fact a defective disc. I took it back to walmart and exchanged it. Replacement ripped just fine.