The Good(SlySoft) The Bad(Vista SP 1)

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    Well against my better judgement I upgraded my vista to sp1 and with bad results. After the update I of course tried to use power DVD to watch a movie (bluray) from the harddrive and and it did not work. Prior to the update all my movies worked. I then tried a few more (Shooter HD, Harry Potter HD, AC/DC HD and Pirates 3 on BD) Pirates gave me the message that it would not work in my region even though when I did the rip I had removed the region from the BluRay.

    I did a fresh install of Vista and dusted off my Power DVD original install CD and ran it.

    Well same result, no movie ability from the harddrive. I am not sure if anyone else has had this problem with playback but suggestions for solutions would be much appreciated.

    I have my firewall set up to block Power DVD but somehow something must have slipped through in the Vista update because now it keeps telling me an update is available when I attempt to play a movie.

    Even when I mounted DVD's on a virtual drive they would not work. I used Nero and all worked perfectly but I am still not sure what happened??

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    did you have anydvd enabled when you made the ISO or is it enabled when you play the movie?

    i also have SP1 but i never had any problem when i updated, ive heard of others having problems with it but very few
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    ISO and AnyDVD

    I am actually one of the few still playing the files from the harddrive but do keep AnyDVD enabled at all times. Maybe this weekend I will convert my files to ISO and when I do I read on a post from Samurai that it is best to turn off AnyDVD.
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    It's simply my personal belief that if you're going to create ISOs from the original discs, that it's better to disable AnyDVD during the ISO creation so the protection is NOT removed. Then when you mount the image, the protection gets removed from the mounted drive. That way, you have an image that's as close to the original as possible.

    However, if you're going to use my folder->ISO guide, it makes no difference whether AnyDVD is enabled or not. It only works on original discs and mounted ISOs, not folders.
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    Thank You Very Much

    Thanks for the info and clarification. I should also thank Cyberweak for the 100 bucks they saved me by not giving me any reason to get PowerDVD8.

    I did a few iso conversions and all went well until I hit the dreaded across the universe but the movie was not all that great anyway.

    I really do hope SlySoft does come out with a BluRay/HD player so we all can watch and see how long until PowerDVD goes bankrupt and their domain name goes on the auction block!!!!
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    For Across the Universe you can do a movie only copy using TSMuxer to master a new BD folder on the hard drive, then use the script to create an ISO from that. After that you should have no problems playing it.