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The Good Shepherd problem: too many audio packets in the buffer


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Jun 11, 2007
I have been trying to convert my The Good Shepherd DVD to Divx using cloneDVD Mobile several times but all ended up with the error message below. Can someone help explain what the problem is? I have used CloneDVD Mobile to convert other DVDs I own without any issue. This is the first time. Thanks.

File 2 "C:\APPS\CloneDVDmobile\apps\mencoder.exe" - -ffourcc DIVX -af volume=10 -aspect 16:9 -of avi -noodml -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:acodec=mp3:vbitrate=1863:abitrate=128 -vf scale=965:643,crop=720:480:122:81,harddup -info name="The Good Shepherd" -ofps 24000/1001 -o "E:\VIDEO\DIVX\The Good Shepherd.avi" 109 TCE

Encoder output:

a52: error at resampling
Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4096 in 8257536 bytes).
Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4096 in 8257536 bytes).