The Fugitive BLU-RAY REG B

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  1. Hi Sly, Great software that I intend to buy before switch to Euros :D
    Have 1 problem though with The Fugitive on Blu-Ray. Plays back fine from original disc with anydvdHD disabled. When anydvd enabled i get only black screen, but counter is running...
    I use PowerDVD build 3319a and latest anydvd hd
    tried about anyversion of PDVD incl. 3319.0 and 3516.

    I found SOiL´s post from August, but no solution...
    Anyone else seen this behavior? Is there a fix?
  2. SOiL

    SOiL Member

    Yea still havent it figured.
    Well here is the dump file of the movie if someone,cares to take a look at it.

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  3. James

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    EDIT: I'll check...