The Early Films of Olivier Assayas (Arrow Academy, Region B) does not play

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    Hi, I'm seeing a malfunction for the Region B Arrow Academy disc of 'The Early Films of Olivier Assayas'.

    With AnyDVD enabled:
    PowerDVD 17 or VLC cannot play the disc. For example, PowerDVD lets the disc spin a few times, the screen goes black for a few seconds, but then it returns to the PowerDVD disc selection screen (where it asks to resume or to restart). Similar with VLC.

    Without AnyDVD enabled:
    The disc plays without issues on a drive set to region B.

    Logfile is attached.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. James

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    Please set AnyDVD to region "B" for this disc. Or disable region lock removal (default).
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    Thanks for the hint! It seems I was wrong; PowerDVD actually tells me my drive is set to Region A (I never ever modified or set anything here, so I'm paying little attention to the actual setting.)

    Here's the weird thing:
    I then had a closer look at what AnyDVD reports: AnyDVD also thinks the disk is compatible with regions A and C, but not B; see attached screenshot.
    So, when I set AnyDVD to region A in the dialog that appears when entering the disc, it will play just fine. Also saving as an image works then, with the region code subsequently removed. I can open the image in, say, PowerDVD or VLC out of the box.

    However, this is a UK disc, which should really be region B, and has a region B sign printed on it. Not sure if this a blatant manufacturing error?! I didn't find any complaints online...

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