The Disney+ App Is Finally Coming to the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. Has RedFox Considered Trying..

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  1. ...reverse engineering it so higher resolution content (1080p and above) can get ripped with AnyStream? :) I realize there is no guarantee what and if there is anything that can be gleaned from the app that could result in a breakthrough. I once had the hidden Microsoft Store version (obtained via before Disney decided to have just an Xbox version. That version of the app only allowed 720p so there is the possibility they may limit the PC app again to only 720p. I just wanted to throw this out there so you could think about it. Thank you for your excellent support and app!
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    Windows 11 won't be out for months, let's see what happens, thanks for your input.
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  3. No problem and thank you for listening and making such a great product!
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    The Windows app is almost certainly going to use a different DRM solution, so I doubt it can be reversed that easily.
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    You are absolutely right .

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    Maybe using a different DRM solution is actually a "good thing(tm)". We'll see...
  7. Hoping "good thing(tm)" leads to a discovery somewhere down the line. Usually with this sort of thing, it is more often a matter of not "if" but "when" though sometimes "when" can mean many years into the future. I can say good things(tm) come to those who wait, and I've waited this long and got the Disney cartoons in HD thanks to you guys. :) That is something Disney Movie Club never gave me, who failed for well over a decade to deliver to paying fans like myself. I can patiently wait years more for the Mandalorian in 4K to eventually be downloadable once a "good thing" comes along. ;)
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    I really hope the Mandalorian gets a UHD release down the line, can never beat the quality offered by disc...
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    Most likely still using a L1 DRM :D especially now that google is going to change the Chrome CDM to what they call "equivalent to L1"

    From Google

    License SDK
    We have released a beta version - 16.4.5-beta.

    This beta is to support the upcoming release of the browser CDM for Windows 10 with hardware support (equivalent to L1). More information on this new CDM will be forthcoming.

    The final and official SDK that supports browser L1 on Windows will be 16.5.0, for late Q3 release. Widevine will require a mandatory SDK upgrade to 16.5.0 once it is available.