The Dark Knight Rises UHD

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  1. blehmbo

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    I am wondering if support for the US release of The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) UHD was lost some how.
    On my setup, AnyDVD HD supported the US UHD releases of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but the TDKR gave the message "Cannot process request at this moment, please try again later!" & "ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!"

    I am only surprised by this because, earlier this year, I have read other AnyDVD users stating TDKR UHD was supported. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? Thanks.
  2. testiles

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    Just checked and on my computer, continues to decrypt The Dark Knight Rises just fine...

  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Just because ONE version of that title is claimed as supported, doesn't mean they all are. Movies come in multiple versions, and your version may not be the one that is supported

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