"The Crown, Season 1, Disc 1" unable to create iso from BD

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by FurryGuy, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. FurryGuy

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    AnyDVD and CloneBD both successfully scanned the disc. Played a couple of minutes of the 1st item in the playlist no apparent problems. Chose to create an iso of the entire disc without any transcoding. Start the process and immediately CloneBD errors. CloneBD & AnyDVD logfiles attached.

    I successfully created an iso using AnyDVD's built-in ripper, and am currently using CloneBD to transcode that AnyDVD iso to a 25BD iso. So far things are going without a problem.
  2. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    Hi, just a wild guess. You are too tight on disc space. 132GB. So CBD rips the files - uses 48GB. Then makes an intermediate copy to create the ISO - uses 48GB and then should write the new ISO - uses another 48GB. A total of 144GB.
    You could check if my theory is right if you assign another directory like C:\temp for the ISO creation process.
  3. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Tight on disc space? 1.3TB free is too tight? My temp directory is on a drive, NOT C:\, with 1.3TB free, around 680GB stored.

    I am chalking this up to a "glitch in the matrix" situation. A (hopefully) one time issue.
  4. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    Oops. I counted but miscounted 132Gb instead of 1,32TB. CBD makes everything without problem until writing the ISO and then shows "error 1". Only the devs can answer what "error 1" means but Fabian and Reto are rare guests in the forum.
  5. ChloeRutherford

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    I have something broken at all, nothing is scanning. A lot of discussion of problems on your forum, I'll look into it.:rolleyes:
  6. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Sending CBD log and dump files to Elby is just as much of a "the store is closed, doors are locked, power turned off and all the contents have been stolen" situation. Several emails sent, with not even an automated answer back that the devs received the message.
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