The Complete BBC Ripping Yarns by Michael Palin & Terry Jones B01038-9

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    Trying to backup the first DVD of the two set Complete Ripping Yarns

    Using 2 DVD Drives
    Any DVD
    Clone DVD

    First DVD Drive is an LG – details as follows
    Bus Type ATAPI
    F/W Revision UL01
    Date Code
    Region 4
    Vendor Resets Available 4
    User Resets Available 4
    RPC Scheme RPC II

    Second DVD Drive is also an earlier model LG – details as follows
    Bus Type ATAPI
    F/W Revision A209
    Date Code
    Region 4
    Vendor Resets Available 4
    User Resets Available 3
    RPC Scheme RPC II

    I get the following messages and cannot backup the first DVD.
    The second in the set is no problem at all and backups very quickly.

    As suggested in the message I have thoroughly cleaned the disk, inspected it minutely for scratches or defects and find none. It will play OK as a movie on my computer and on any other single DVD player.

    The DVD region is compatible to the disk.

    The RPC2 drives are both assigned region 4

    I live in Australia that allows backup of Region 4 DVDs

    Yet I cannot backup. Any help?

    Failed to read DVD!
    This could have several reasons:
    1. DVD media is dirty, you can try to clean it
    2. DVD media is damaged, yoou have to replace it
    3. Your drive is a region locked RPC2 drive, which does not allow reading of scrambled sectors from a different region and you try to read a DVD from a different region. Known drives having this problem are RICO/Philips DVD writers and Matshita/Panasonic DVD readers and writers. You can try to find a RPC1 patched firmware at
    4. Your drive is an RPC2 drive that has not been assigned a region. Try to assign one, or try to find a RPC1 patched firmware at

    The message from AnyDVD shows that my drive is region 4
    That the media (Ripping Yarns) is CSS protected, Standard PAL and that the media is licked to region 4

    Clone DVD2 shows the message
    Clone DVD2 is not for use in copying protected DVDs\\Many DVDs are Content Scrambling System (CSS) encoded, which is a copy protection file system. If a DVD is CSS-encoded then the DVD reader will refuse to access the disk. Therefore CloneDVD2 cannot read the files and make a copy.

    If it is permitted to create backups in the country you live in, you mak use CSS decoding tools available on the internet. You can check the legal situation in your country at
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  3. Paul Bronson

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    Yes I am able to see the following in Windows Explorer

    I can't see any files in this diirectory

    I can see a whole lot of


    The DVD plays OK as a movie on my PC
    And in two other DVD players

    What will the VSO inspector tell me?

    Paul Bronson
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    VSO Inspector can be used to scan the disc for either surface errors or file errors or both and if it finds any and those errors are in the right spot then you have a bad source disc that most likely cant be copied. Its more forgiving for a dvd player to play past or through errors then it is trying to copy one. If it does turn out to be a bad source disc try exchanging it for another one.
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    Same problem it seem to be in production.