The Commuter - "Dear customer..." message in Kodi

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    Been using AnyDVD for years now with a HTPC setup. Some time ago I switched to an nvidia shiled running Kodi. This is the first I've seen a message of this sort. I'm assuming it's Screenpass at play?

    10 minutes into playing a ripped Blu-ray on the shield in Kodi, "The commuter" the message:
    "Dear Customer,
    The disc you've inserted cannot be played due to copyright restrictions.
    Please visit, a local retail, or online store of choice to purchase a genuine copy.
    If you try to play back an original disc on your computer and experience a "copy detected" message, please ensure that no ripping of copying tool is actively running while performing the playback"

    it then skips to a random playlist scene.
    Is there a setting I need to change in the ripping process?

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    Welcome to the world of screenpass protection. Please provide an AnyDVD logfile.

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    sorry - the log file from the rip?
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    OK, the disc is fixed now - just copy it again and all will be fine.
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    wow! I'll let you know after it's re-ripped
    UPDATE - just re-ripped and tested. Issue with screenpass appears to be gone or at least it isn't popping up in the same place (5 minutes during the opening when Liam is walking through the bus station).
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