The Captive, Region A, USA

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    I was watching The Captive, when at about 1:23:33 the scene change seems utterly impossible(spoiler not included in post). Sure the movie is all flashbacks but this makes no sense. It's a Lionsgate film so I checked AnyDVD window for playlist, and none was listed. I played the original disc in PDVD Ultra 15 with and without AnyDVD active and got the same result at 1:23:33. (I tried MPC first to save time, but it would only render the original disc's main movie with AnyDVD active). Speed menu was enabled when I played it but did not come up.
    Anyone who has seen the movie through might tell me that its just the way the movie's written...
    Or is there a new way of messing up licensed software players?
    Thank you!

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  2. ddjmagic

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    Not with the original disc and AnyDVD disabled.

    There is nothing sinister on that disc that I can see. One single movie playlist and stream file.
    I haven't seen the movie, but I'd say that is just how the movie is intended.
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    Thanks, ddjmagic!