The Blu Rays must be completely clean and dust free

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  1. Well I dont want to spray things Im a shut in and dont get lots of the blue cloths . My lady was over watching me clean a disc it was fairly dirty I couldnt find a thing and she said "try my underwear its Micro-Fiber" well it completely cleaned it de mag so I saw at a place a big box store online ,they sold micro-fiber cloths in perfect little plastic holder this one has lasted maybe a week ,since I was hesitant on how to clean it I thought I would mention the Micro-Fiber cloth

    Actually the Microfiber demagnetized or at least kept dust from coming back ,I just tried those M-BluRay Discs with the 1000 year warranty more expensive but the 3 I got gave a good burn stays clean ,it needs an M Support Blu Ray Burner
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    I prefer diluted Windex and cotton cloth followed with a quick blast of dry air to remove any residual fibers. Old underwear works well as long as it's clean. :)
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    Kind of like fast eddie and Roycal, I use the old Windex formula (not the non-run or others), with about 10% ethyl alcohol (Everclear) added (don't use rubbing alcohol or drug store products as they contain lubricants), which enhances the formula's oil cutting ability (read: fingerprints). I clean with a Kleenex type tissue and then blast with filtered compressed air to remove tissue particles. Note: some tissue products contain slight amounts of lotion - don't use these!
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    No need to baby them. They are waterproof. Run them under running cool water, using a little dish soap and dry with a microfiber towel. Don't use paper towels, those are abrasive. Blu-ray discs are scratch resistant too, way better than DVDs.
  5. Milleniata makes the Thousand year "M-Disc" your player needs to support it but the under $80 Samsung does they work beautifully but pricey
    I really like the way Sly F handles things so it may be possible
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    LG makes an M-disc compatible deck for about $60US. The LG WH16NS40 is an external SATA deck and is available on Amazon. For a low price deck, it's had some good recommendations here and elsewhere.
    I read some field tests of the M-discs and they're pretty tough though I wouldn't vouch for the read surface which is really the weak point when it comes to loosing data with the M-disc. 1000 years is an impossible claim to prove but accelerated tests places them well over 100 years for data longevity (if the're reasonably protected otherwise).
    Even M-discs are susceptible to finger prints though, so the cleaning techniques previously mentioned are worthwhile to know.
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    This is what I've done for thirty years. First with CDs, then DVDs, then BDs. It has always worked great.
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    I would agree with that, I have been using warm water and a little soap (from whatever bar is in the wash room) and dry off with a soft toilet tissue. Been using the same system for at least 10 years without any problems.

    Scratches are a slightly different problem, I have a machine from Maplin with abrasive pads and polishing pads. This has worked on about 9-10 disks. The only time it has failed is when the disk has very deep scratches, but he-ho what was there to lose.