Discussion in 'General Chat' started by schbusdrvr, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. schbusdrvr

    schbusdrvr Active Member

    I just want to wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    And thank you slysoft, for making my life easier. ;)
  2. jvc

    jvc Well-Known Member

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Since this is the beginning of Christmas season, Merry Christmas also! :)
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. ;)
  4. TU3yZ

    TU3yZ Member

    Yes, Happy Holidays everyone. And, Slysoft fans, please buy extra copies of Slysoft products to show Slysoft our continued support and appreciation.

  5. WALLstAL

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  6. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    they're rolling in it already :D
    (i.e. money - it's an english phrase)