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    I don't post because I do not express myself very well, but I feel that somebody needs to say something like the following:

    I LOVE my Home Cinema and, like vinyl before that, periodically I stop tweaking it to enjoy what it was made for! SlySoft and RedFox have brightened my life..a lot. For very little outlay you get lifetime membership of a community filled with great enthusiasm and technical support AND you get to see true genius in action as they challenge those other geniuses who work for the disc manufacturers.
    Then you get to read a Forum about copy protection and wade through layers of frustration, bickering, childishness, and downright rudeness. These products are necessarily a work in progress on an international scale and I am in awe of those who contribute to it


    I will not post again, I promise!
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    Post all that you want. We're all interested in getting value for our legal Media purchases.

    And, having respectful and intelligent conversation with other people.

    You're allowed that here on this Forum.

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