Thank you SO MUCH for making this software

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  1. Nebuul

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    I just spent $90 USD purchasing your program. Thank you very much for making it.

    My computer is a rediculously expensive thing with dual 8800 768mb video cards, a 30" HP lcd (for video) on one card and a 20" la cie (for still images) on the other. I have a dual-reading (HD/BR) drive, etc. The HP and my video cards are all HDCP compliant.

    But my system (we think maybe because of the LaCie) fails HDCP protection, and I've been unable to watch blu-ray discs until tonight. I tried your trial version, it worked beautifully, and now I'm watching perfect 1080p videos in the upper right corner of my HP monitor. Thank you again for such an easy-to-use and wonderful product.

    And **** the big publishers for making such a ****** copy protection scheme that I can spend thousands of dollars on legitimate equipment and not watch a stupid copy of Surfs Up.
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  2. SvT

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    I totally agree with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:

    I've spend over € 1.000,= overhere and still I can't watch my movies without Any DVD HD !

    I'ts because of some bug they didn't solve yet (as far as I can tell)

    Buying AnyDVD HD (last year for $ price :D) was the best money I spend for years !

    Free lifetime updates :clap: Call me a satisfied costumer !
  3. whatever_gong82

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    I'm trying to not update my PC to Vista, but the fact I'll be forced soon to go to HD-TV before the end of the year is why I'm glad I bought AnyDVD-HD last year, so if I get issues like what others have had won't happen to me.