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    AnyDVD is unable to correctly handle the recently released Unrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning. It initially comes up with an error message saying it can not read the disk then on a second try it does read it but only decrypts the CSS. There are no other listings underneath that. When I use RipIt4Me and DVDDecrypter it is unable to read the IFO's and can only correctly get the Keys for the first two VOB's. After that it is just a string of error messages.

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    Are You using the newest version of AnyDVD (newest is
    My advice: Use AnyDVD + CloneDVD.
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    I made a full backup copy of Texas Chainsaw The Beginning using ANYDVD of course along with 1Click without any problems...playback is perfect.....I was using ver of ANYDVD when I backed it up!!!
  4. Cloned dvd

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    no issues at all.
    Do you have the latest version installed?