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  1. Shadow77

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    I have been having issues ripping Terminator 2 BD.

    I used the following software:

    AnyDVD HD version
    CloneBD version

    Both were set at default settings.

    I tried 5 different ways to rip my BD and only 1 was a successful rip.

    Granted I am happy with the 1 successful rip however, I would like to remove some of the title sets.

    3 of the log files indicate partial, meaning after removing a few title sets, just before ripping.

    Logs are attached

    I used the following drive If anyone is curious

    LG BH16NS40 SVC Code:NS50 with firmware 1.02
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  2. Fabian

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    This disc contains an MPEG-2 video stream that is fields encoded which is not allowed on Blu-rays. We will make it work though in the next release.

    You may disable title 86 to make the main movie work.
  3. Shadow77

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    Thanks Fabian