Teleatlas DX 2006/2007

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by SCSI, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. SCSI

    SCSI Member

    I have recently purchased the 2006/2007 version of Teleatlas' DX CD and would like to make a backup since it was pretty expensive.

    Have anyone successfully used CloneCD for this operation?

  2. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    Did you attempt to make a backup yet?
  3. SCSI

    SCSI Member

    Yes, I have tried to back it up, but I only get read errors...

    Unfortunately I can not remember the exact error messages (I am at work overseas at the moment), but I think it had something to with invalid sectors.

    I will have to confirm this when I get home again.

  4. SCSI

    SCSI Member

    I have managed to make å copy, but the NAVI is rejecting the copy by claiming that there is a error on the disc. I guess this has something to do with the burning of the CD and media quality.

    I have tried to burn with Clonecd and Alcohol 120% using Samsung media CD-R' at 4X speed.

    Any other suggestions?
  5. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member


    Which profile did you use with CloneCD? Data, Game, Mutimedia Audio, Protected PC Game?
  6. SCSI

    SCSI Member

    So far I have tried "Mutimedia Audio" and "Protected PC Game"

  7. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    The problem here is that a verification file is not going over during ripping. You need to look at the process some folk use when backing up games.
    Early Plextor SCSI drives did perform this action. You could try in CloneCD to force the reading of such files.
  8. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member


    You might check using explorer on the back-up you made against the original to see if all the files/folders are there and are the correct size.
  9. Tschens Brems

    Tschens Brems Well-Known Member

    You need Drive with renesas chipset

    to backup the DX disc you need a writer with a renesas (many LG drives) chipset. Some users reported that they were successful with Mediatek (LiteOn, Samsung, Asus) chipset as well.
    It does not work with Matsushita/Panasonic (some LG drives) chipset.

    In addition, you have to use the "amplify weak sectors" setting!!

    To find out the chipset of your drive visit

    Hope this helps,
    Tschens Brems
  10. zaradri

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    Translate TextOriginal text: Automatically translated text:
    Non parlo inglese; sono un ragazzo italiano,sto usando un traduttore automatico. Se ho ben capito, dovete fare una copia di backup del cd di navigazione tele atlas 2006/2007. Questo Cd è protetto da safedisc 2/3 e per effettuare una copia di backup serve un masterizzatore che supporti una buona codifica efm(2/3 pecore) ad esempio LG4167B - Toshiba SD R 5372 ecc.Personalmente sono riuscito a copiarla tranquillamente con questi due masterizzatori con alcohol 120%. Ciao I do not speak English; they are an Italian boy, I am using a translator automatic rifle. If I have very understood, you must make one copy of backup of cd of navigation burlaps atlas 2006/2007. This Cd is protect from safedisc 2/3 and in order to carry out a copy of backup it serves a masterizzatore that supports a good one codifies efm (2/3 sheep) LG4167B - Toshiba SD R5372 etc as an example. Personally son oriuscito to calmly copy it with these two masterizzatori with alcohol 120%. Hello
  11. George

    George New Member

    Possible solution

    Try to use the attached profile 'Profiles DX 2006.ccp' or 'safedisc 3.x.ccp'. Add it to the dir .../slysoft/clonecd/profiles. During the copy play with the settings in order to find the one that fits to your settings and also use low speed (1-4).
    Try in different cd writers, I know that the ASUS DRW-1604P is proper. For this item the answer of Tschens Brems is very helpfull.
    I hope that I help.

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  12. night_flyer101

    night_flyer101 New Member

    So.. "Amplify Weak Sectors" option must be ON or OFF for 06/07 maps? i have a 2 sheep unit. in the profile there is a line that says: "AmplifyWeak=1". does that mean that AWS is ON? thanks a lot
  13. freaka

    freaka New Member

    I've the same problem with a TeleAtlas DVD which costs over 200 Euro and i really like to run a copy in my navigation instead of the f****** expensive original.
    I have a BenQ DW1655 write with a Philips chipset and if i explore the DVD it says with Copy-Discovery 2000 that the DVD has a Settec Alpha Protection.
    Any Idea how to copy that ?! thx
  14. SCSI

    SCSI Member

    I officially give up... I am not able to make a backup of this CD :(
  15. TimNewby

    TimNewby New Member

    If it helps, I managed to made a successful back-up copy of the Blaupunkt TeleAtlas DX 2006 with TMC CD and run it in place of the original in my previous car, a Mercedes E-Class. After having paid out around £180 for the real thing the first job was to back it up. For this I used CloneCD and Verbatim CD-R CD's. I set the write speed to a very low speed (2x I seem to recall) and all worked perfectly. This was following my first attempt where I set the write speed to maximum only to find that the disc started to fail after about two weeks use.

    Good luck.
  16. TimNewby

    TimNewby New Member

    PS. Should I have added that my system used a Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352B CD writer?
  17. titou43

    titou43 New Member

    J'ai un graveur LG GWA-4082N donc avec un chipset Renesas qui devrait me permettre de faire une sauvegarde de mon CD DX France 2012....

    Mais je n'arrive pas a graver avec cloneCD en dessous de 10x....

    Alors que selon ce que j'en ai lu il faudrait graver en 1x ou 2x ou 4x....

    I have a burner LG GWA-4082N with a chipset renesas who could do a save of my DX disc France DX 2012....

    But it's impossible to burn with CloneCD under 10x....

    Or I have read it's necessary to burn at 1x or 2x or 4x

    Could you help me ?