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    You know whenever you copy, (backup:D) a movie with clone dvd & if you do just the main movie w/the menu but no extras. After completion eject the disk & then re-insert into computer. Again fire up clone dvd you get: the main movie menu and all of the 00:01, 00:03, 00:11 etc. Now whenever you click on a bonus feature that is not there then you get linked back to the main menu. These are all of the links back to the main menu that clone dvd inserts on it's own. Well, my question is if a person makes a copy of a copy do you choose; (clone a dvd including all titles & menus) & copy all of those links & everything, (it seems loke to me that then clone dvd wouldn't have to create these links again, just copy them) or do you just choose the main movie & menu & let clone dvd re-create these "links" agian??? Like I said before, it seems like that if you choose the first option then sometimes there can be problems with the links not working right, so it seems like it is better to let clone dvd redo them. & then there is the issue (if you choose the second option then when you are backing up an original (with css encryption) there are still a few of those no video/audio links & i wonder if those should be included/excluded!

    Again I am making an issue of this because it seems to me sometimes that if you copy the "links" as they are & not re-create them, then sometimes there can be problems with them not working right. Any input???????:confused:
  2. Coaster

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    It appears you are attempting to use the CloneDVD software program incorrectly. In this particular instance of making a “Copy of a Copy” instead of using the “Copy DVD Titles” and/or “Clone DVD” options you should be using the “Write Existing Data” option.

    If you are attempting to make another “Copy” immediately after you have made your first backup copy of your original Commercial DVD Movie when the process is completed instead of exiting the CloneDVD software program just insert another blank DVD Media disk into your DVD Burner and then click on the “Write” icon located in the lower right hand corner of CloneDVD. This will enable you make another backup copy of your original Commercial DVD Movie without restarting the CloneDVD software program.

    To avoid the numerous problems that can be encountered when attempting to make a “Copy of a Copy” the preferred method of making another copy of the same original Commercial DVD Movie is to use the original Commercial DVD Movie.

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    I am talking well let's say that the originals are not where I can access them easily & freely & I am talking about making a copy of a copy a whole year later or even longer. Now does what I said earlier make more sense?? What do you do when you backup of one of your copies & the situation is there what I explained in my first post???
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    If I want to make a copy of a copy, I just clone the whole dvd.:agree:
  5. Coaster

    Coaster Well-Known Member


    Suggest re-reading my initial #2 posting and note the first paragraph comments. In short use the “Write Existing Data” option in the CloneDVD software program.

  6. sondeterra

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    I think that refers to data already present on th HD.
  7. Coaster

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    The following is a direct quotation from the CloneDVD User Manual concerning the CloneDVD “Write Existing Data” option ->

    “Write Existing Data”: Different file formats can be selected, created and saved under “Output Method” (DVD Files or ISO/UDF Image). You also have the option to proceed with existing DVD files from your hard disk or other source.

    As previously stated in the first paragraph of my #2 posting in Forum Member particular instance of making a “Copy of a Copy” the CloneDVD “Write Existing Data” option is the correct option to use.

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    That does refer to data already on the hd. I am talking about re-copying a copied movie that is on dvd not on the hd!!!!
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    So if the original isn't available, then you don't own the DVD......
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    So you also include all of the titles that have a playtime of 0:01 & 0:02 even if there are 20 or 30 of them
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    This is not the question here but I don't make illegal copies of dvd's, they are just not at my apartment.
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    Actually I just tried what coaster said & it did work but isn't that basically copy on the fly from dvd to dvd.
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    As other forums have stated, it is best to be on the safe side and not help you any more until you get your DVDs back.
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    My dvd's don't need to come back I wish we could just cut the ********, it's not illegal to make a copy of a dvd that I own. I copy the original & put it up & watch the copy & keep the original put up for safekeeping. Which I shouldn't have to explain this to you , but I keep my original's @ my girlfriends house about 2 miles from here, & there is nothing illegal in what I am doing. I have spent just as much time and money in slysoft as everyone else so I have just as much right to the help of the forum as everyone else.

    PS. Coaster, thanks for the only useful post here, seriously, I tried the "write existing data option" & it did exactly what I needed it to do without the troubles I explained before. Thanks for your time & helpful post!!!
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