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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Danger, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Danger

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    Ever since a couple of versions ago I have noticed that when running AnyDVD my taskbar flickers occasionally.

    Taskbar set to auto-hide
    Vista Ultimate x64
    AnyDVD v6.1.2.5

    By flickering I mean it seems to be trying to popup but then hides itself, happens within a split second, just enough to notice it. ONLY happens when AnyDVD is running.
  2. Danger

    Danger Well-Known Member

    *bumpity Bump*
  3. mmdavis

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    AnyDVD runs in the background. When you insert a disc in the drive, the "Fox" in the taskbar turns color to show when it is active. When done, it returns to red. That action is probably causing the taskbar to be visible. When inserting a disc in your DVD player/burner, opening AnyDVD fully will prevent that. Or if you are not trying to back-up a movie, just using the DVD, close AnyDVD.
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  4. magiceraserss

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    Vista taskbar flicker fixed in latest version.

    Hey guy.

    I had the same problem you did. All I did was uninstall it. Rebooted my computer. Then installed version

    Now, taskbar doesn't flicker with autohide enabled!!!

    Mwhahaha..... Im a happy camper now.

    hope that helps.