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    Hello again,

    Back with another potential BFI disc issue, this time with Disc 1 of Tales from the Hood. This is a 2-disc set and the second disc rips fine. The first fails at 23% with verify sector errors which according to the onscreen info is the main movie stream, however I have played this on my standalone player and it plays fine all they way through. Also the drive in the pc is still able to rip other discs. Could this be an AnyDVD issue or is it guaranteed on the disc itself?


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    Well, not sure what I did that worked, I ripped a few other discs after I tried this one several times, then cleaned this one again and tried and it's working perfectly now with the rip completed, so 5th or 6th time's the charm I guess :rolleyes:

    Maybe I'll ask Santa for a new BD drive :dance:

    Sorry to trouble you, carry on (y)