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  1. jhkilroy

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    I see in the forums you guys like Taiyo Yuden a lot...

    Where is a good place online to get a printable dual layer of Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim ? Good DL are like 2.50 a disc.

    Where do you guys get your DL media (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim)

  2. b1030

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    I never use Dual Layer. Haven't seen the need at all. 4.7GB discs work just fine. Just have to compress your movie file first to fit.
    Best price for Taiyo Yuden I've found is SuperMediaStore.com. They have shiny silver for thermal, white inkjet printable to hub and silver inkjet printable to 42mm. Meritline.com sometimes has them on sale.
    Let me know if you're having problems compressing your movies.
    Hope this helps,
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    I try everything on the market.. the best one that i like is Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim!!! , On the verbatim you can go to your local best buy. I get them when they are in sale and i pack them up lol :D :bowdown: ... For Taiyo Yuden SuperMediaStore.com but who want to wait to get the package? I bought a pack a of tdk like 25 disc was bad and the other 75 was good ... And the i bought Memorex 2 packs of 100 waste of $$ .. I like to try other but im wasteing my time and $$$... On the verbatim I bought 2 packs of 50 and all of them was good..... i hope this will help you out. :D
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    I dont think Taiyo Yuden makes DL media but Verbatim DL media is about the best. I have burned maybe 25 or so of Verbatim DL discs with no problems but I dont burn them faster then 4X, I really dont use DL media that often, only when the required amount of compression is pretty high and playback video quality isnt that good.
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    Some compression levels yield 50% and thats too big of a hit to take... so I either split the movie or use a DL disc and go 100%... but the cost of DL media is about 2.50 compared to 35 cents for dvd-r single layer....

    My favorite is Verbatim printable's and hub printable's and their DL discs are great albeit pricey....